Antonio Marguet is queer artist, working from their studio in East London. Certainly, their multilayered identity, chosen and unchosen has a strong influence on their interests as an artist. Marguet attributes having grown up around their father’s bubblegum ambulant stall, from 'feria' to 'feria' around the south of Spain, to their fascination with sculpting objects and experimenting with matter from the plastic to the cultural. They brings together a range of interdisciplinary skills, from sculpture to making and imagery.

'The notion of non-religious existential experiences through contemporary practices along with that gold rush for emotions are my subject matter. My interests take the clash of the individual with the idea of an absolute, like beauty, perfection, myth, fetish...'

Recipient of the Sproxton Award for best work of their graduating year, Antonio completed Their MA in Fine Art Photography at the London College of Communication, University of the Arts in 2011.They were selected as one of the UK’s new emerging artists at the London Art Fair with The Catlin Art Guide in 2012. From their first major solo show at Damien Hirst’s Other Criteria Gallery in 2012, Marguet has continued to exhibit in group and solo shows in London including Saatchi’s New Sensations. Marguet’s most recent international shows have included Denmark and Sweden, where their site’s specific approach has opened new potential to their practice.

More recently in 2020 they have exhibited in, an become asked to be judge for 'Queer Art(ists) Now' where they were feature artist.